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Letter dated November, 1997.

From: Michael Lambert

First of all, I assume you have all noticed the unusual activity in the weather (especially El Nino-caused natural disasters in Southeast Asia, Mexico, and the U.S.) and in the stock market. You may or may not have paid attention to the increased military activity on our roads, the unusually 'active' bases that are supposed to be closed (they're being turned into detention centers for 'uncooperative' souls), the 40,000 Chinese communist troops that moved into North Korea last month, and the two carrier battle groups that have squeezed in around the Gulf War arena. You probably haven't heard about the comet that astronomers have recently spotted. (Yes, they find comets all the time, but this one is special.) This comet (Nemesis II) is roughly the same size as and chemical composition of the one that scientists say wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago (Nemesis). You guessed it: it's headed for the earth. Furthermore, there were "hundreds of thousands" of starved-to-death seabirds floating off the coast of Alaska last month. Over one-third of all fish in the Chesapeake Bay have died from some unknown micro-organism. . . .

The situation: We are living in the book of Revelations. Yes, that includes the apocalypse, the four horsemen, the earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, incurable diseases, wars, . . . . However, this phase of human history is, above all, a spiritual battle. We are but pawns in the big game. The real confrontation (Armageddon) will take place between the angels (heavenly and diabolical). We will be forced to, whether we like it or not, choose sides and participate in the physical aspects of the battle.

The game plan: What we have facing us in the immediate future is a series of prophesied events that will force our decision between heaven and hell (and, yes, there is a real hell equipped with real demons and a real Satan that really hates us all).

  1. First up, we have the Warning. Soon, we will all experience what Jesus calls (through chosen souls called visionaries and locutionists) an illumination of conscience. During said event, time will stop for the whole world. We will be one-on-one with our Creator. He will go through our every action, showing us the true effects of our decisions (on ourselves, on others, and on Him) throughout our lives. Then, we will hear Him pronounce what our final judgement would be if this were the real thing. After this takes place, we will return to normal consciousness, and have time to straighten ourselves out (or to throw our souls away).
  2. Within one year of the Warning, heaven will send us the Miracle. It will be eucharistic, intangible, and beautiful. Many people will convert because of it. It can be shown on television. Purportedly, it will occur at all Marian apparition sites around the world.
  3. Next, we have the culmination of the Tribulation. This is the time (which has been building for years now) when Satan will be granted his full reign of terror and deceit over this world through the reign of the 'man of iniquity.' The Antichrist, a man fully possessed by Satan, will be in full control, implementing his 'mark of the beast,' without which, you will not be able to buy or sell anything. This 'mark' will be a small microchip that the Freemason-run New World Order/UN peacekeepers will implant into your hands to control both your whereabouts and your spending. During this time, Jesus' faithful will most likely be called into hiding by their guardian angels (just like at the time of the Jews' exodus from Egypt). Note: the U.S. government signed a $2 billion contract with Motorola in Jan, '97 for these chips. This bought enough chips for every man, woman, and child in America. This uses the same technology as the smart cards, so DO NOT take a smart card. (All of this will be precipitated by an *induced* world-wide food shortage and economic turmoil.)
  4. Then comes the Chastisement. This is when the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse are opened, and the divine wrath of God pours out on the earth 'as fire from heaven.' Most of mankind will die during the chastisement. This is when the comet comes into play.
  5. Following the chastisement, we have the final battle of Armageddon. This is the last battle of good versus evil. It is supposed to be waged in or near the Holy Land (Israel). There will be mass carnage (of those left from the chastisement), and Satan, his demons, and the evil men will be cast into the depths of hell.
  6. Pursuant to the great battle, St. Michael the Archangel will throw Satan into hell, vanquishing all sin from the earth forever.
  7. Finally, Jesus restores the earth to its originally intended glory as in the Garden of Eden. This is after He works a miraculous transformation of the earth (and the Church), restoring it to its 'pre-Original Sin' state. The saints in heaven will claim their glorified bodies and join those people on earth who survived through the commotion of the Apocalypse.

Now, there is one underlying theme throughout all of this: do not fear. All we have to do is 'pick the right team,' so to speak. Very soon, the choice will be crystal clear (after the Warning). A certain amount of preparation, however, before the Warning is necessary to be sure we don't fall victim to Satan's lies when he has full control during the Tribulation. This is why it is vitally important for us to come to Jesus now, confess our sins, recognize Him as the only one that can help us, and ask Him for mercy. If you are a Catholic, go to confession!

Jesus keeps saying that without confession, it will be very hard to avoid hell. Those are pretty serious words--and from the Guy who should know.

Like I said, we have nothing to worry about if we choose to obey God's will. If we want to do our own thing by ignoring His call in our consciences, then we will have to pay the price of torture in hell forever. Think about it: eternity is a really long time. It's either going to be the most amazing paradise we could ever experience or the most terrible torture. There is no way around this final situation. If you would like to see where I got my information, you can look at these websites:

You can also order "Prepare for the Great Tribulation and the Era of Peace" by John Leary (Vols I - VII), "The Sorrow, the Sacrifice, and the Triumph" by Dr. Tom Petrisko, or "Do Whatever Love Requires" by Harriet Hammonds and Carol Ameche from Queenship Publishing Co. at (800) 647 9882. You can subscribe to these messages from heaven over e-mail for free by sending an e-mail to

with the subject line

"SUBSCRIBE LEARY" (without the quotes).

This will give you weekly coverage of worldly events from a heavenly perspective. Please note: all of the above (except the info in the first paragraph and that about the gov't contract with Motorola) comes from private revelation, therefore each individual has the prerogative to believe it or to disregard it. However, Jesus said in one of His messages that you don't have to believe it now, but it will happen regardless. God bless you, and please respond from your hearts--for your soul's sake.


In Christ and His Holy Mother,




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