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For You to Win Heaven







For a full report on what residents (and the owner) of heaven have been telling John Leary about our times, go to



For a well-catalogued portrait of pertinent world events, please see Dr. William Zambrano's site:



For information on the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the little Yugoslavian village of Medjugorje, go to



Garabandal, Spain was the site of a long litany of supernatural experiences. Over the course of several years, four young girls of this small mountain town purportedly experienced over 2,000 apparitions of heavenly residents, collectively. The prophecies that accompanied the apparitions detailed the warning, which we all just experienced. To read about this incredible event, go to

   The Virgin Mary's explanation of The Warning (early 1960's)



The organization that guides us all to heaven, EWTN, will give you good suggestions for pious living:




How to say the Holy Rosary:

  How to say the Holy Rosary



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